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Vegan Materials Becoming Trendy

Why are vegan materials becoming more trendy? More and more people are deciding they don’t want animal products in their fashion. It can be for various reasons: moral, environmental, or cost, but vegan alternatives are really gaining popularity. They are opting for natural, plant-based alternatives for their shoes and handbags. These products might seem new […]

Moluccan Cockatoo Protected

The Moluccan Cockatoo We all love animals, right? Having a pet is one of the best things you can do, and means you’ve always got some company. Some people are happy with cats or dogs, but others like to go for something a bit more interesting. I am, in fact, one of those people. I […]

Nuno Felting Tutorial

  Nuno felting is a great way to use wool. It makes beautiful accessories, clothing, and jewelry, and the use of silk as a backing material gives you a very lightweight felt. The process is very time consuming, but this makes it even more rewarding when you create an amazing piece of nuno felt. If […]


Here at Urban Exposure Studio, we love to celebrate the artists that inspire our creativity. One of our all-time favorite artists is Frida Kahlo, the celebrated Mexican painter who made a name for herself through her unusual self-portraits. Kahlo used her art to explore what it meant to be a Mexican woman in the 21st […]

Top_Indie_Craft_Shows _US

Craft Shows  For many independent and small businesses, arts and crafts shows are the best way to showcase their products. There are hundreds (if not thousands) of art festivals across the USA every year, so how do you choose which ones to attend?  The biggest factor is whether the show is right for your style. […]

Sheep Wool Curly Locks

Wool_locks_article  Sheep wool curly locks are perfect for adding a touch of style to your accessories. Different types of wool produce different locks, and each has its own distinct characteristics. If you’ve looked into the types of wool locks available and you’ve felt overwhelmed by the choice, you’re not alone! There are hundreds of varieties out […]

Handbags and Fashion

Handbag Trends  Styles Fashion With the ever changing handbag trends styles and fashion , the defining fashion statement keeps changing one way or another. These fashion statements are not restricted to any specific kinds of clothing and accessories. All sorts of these goods evolve with time and constantly new designs come up in the fashion […]

Lavender and Lace Tea Room

As a sales rep for a home decor showroom (many, many years ago) I stumbled upon this quaint, cute little purple house in Lake Alfred, Florida. Over the years, 10 or 12, I couldn’t remember the name of the little town or the tea room.  As fate would have it, Lavender n Lace appeared  on […]

Follow the never ending saga of “Marsha & Brooke”

Marsha (age 45) is from an upper-crust snobbery lifestyle on the upper east side of Manhattan. She has a daughter, Brooke. Her husband, Brandon, CEO of a major financial firm, left her for a much younger woman Brooke’s age. With offshore holdings, Brandon has left Marsha in a somewhat precarious situation. No more Gucci, no […]