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With the ever changing handbag trends styles and fashion , the defining fashion statement keeps changing one way or another. These fashion statements are not restricted to any specific kinds of clothing and accessories. All sorts of these goods evolve with time and constantly new designs come up in the fashion industry. 

In these fashion statements, handbags hold a major place amongst the changing accessories that we deem necessary to buy. A handled medium-to-large bag which is also called a purse in North-American English is the leading accessory that follows the fashion trends. 

What Materials to Choose From?

The basic selection to make when deciding a product is the material that is used to make it. Same is the case for our choice of handbags. Some of the leading materials used to design these bags with the changing fashion are; 

Leather Bags 

Leather is commonly used for designer labels and other luxury bags. It is because it can easily be cut, shaped, and designed in many ways. Also, its durability has been tested many times by manufacturing many products with this material.

The beauty it provides is evident in many social events and tends to stand out in its own way. There is no question that it is one of the most favorite materials by many fashion aficionados.

The only concern about this material is the price. Definitely, it is by far the most expensive, especially if it comes from exotic animals used in to make the leather. Even ordinary leather is not cheap at all. It is because the process of making it is laborious. However, the end product is worth the money spent. 

Fabric Bags 

The next common and famous material for handbags is fabric. This type of material also has several classes. Cotton is the most popular one amongst the many options available. People choose cotton bags because it can be folded when not in use which makes them easy to handle.

Although fabric bags are not designed for fashion purposes, some are so beautifully designed that you will not notice them being made of cheaper materials. They are made to impress amongst the fashion world.

Moreover, fabric bags are easy to make. They can be made for everyday uses or for special occasions. There is no need for sophisticated equipment or complex processes just to make one of these.

What makes fabric bags popular is the convenience of cleaning it. Most of them can be washed the way you wash your clothes. Thus, they are quite popular amongst the people who need to use a handbag for a lot of purposes. 

Vinyl Bags 

If you suddenly glance at vinyl bags, you would probably confuse them with leather bags. They have such look-alike outlooks. However, if you take a closer look, you will notice they are made of some sort of rubberized plastic. Certainly not the leather you confused it with.

Vinyl bags are very common. When you walk down the street, you will come across many people carrying bags made of vinyl. You can also see a lot of them in supermarkets. In other words, they are one of the most commercialized bags among the rest. Quite common among people for all kinds of uses. 

The reason why there are a lot of people who have vinyl bags is that they are waterproof. The outstanding property of this material. Moreover, they can look very similar to expensive leather bags and yet are bought at lesser prices. Thus, it helps you get the same glamour in your accessories at cheaper prices though. This is always a plus since fashion can be a bit too expensive to handle at times.

Rubber Bags 

Rubber bags are also commonly counted as luxury handbags for women. It is not because rubber is expensive. In fact, rubber can be found almost anywhere.

However, the process of making bags using rubber is a bit difficult and can be a demanding process. In addition to this, not all types of rubber can be used for making handbags. Therefore, it is the quality of rubber which is the defining factor. Other than that, it is the perfection that is applied in using that rubber to make those bags. Both of these factors play a major part in making the companies that produce designer labels go for a rubber bag.

Polypropylene Bags

Polypropylene bags are commonly used as eco bags. As the word eco suggests, these bags are known for being environmentally friendly. That is because they are reusable and handy. Furthermore, you can easily wash them and fold them so you can use them for your next shopping. These bags are more recommended than paper bags as an alternative to plastic bags, which are now being banned in many cities and in other countries. Hence, in an attempt to keep the environment clean, these are the kind of people to stick to. 

These are some of the leading materials used in making handbags. 

However, when it comes to defining a fashion statement there needs to a style in the product other than the material. Once you have decided on a material of choice, the next basic answer needed is to the design that follows on the product. 

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Frida Kahlo, a Fashion Statement to Inspire You 

When it comes to inspiring designs and fashion styles, Frida Kahlo is the name that stands out amongst the few that we know of. With her glossy iconic fashion style, she inspires the fashion industry to take its ideas from her. Thus, there are also handbags inspired by that same style and glamour. With an image of a self-determinant woman, the choice of accessories to use for a handbag must be bold and strong in representation. Just like the woman Kahlo was herself. 

A style that revolves around childlike simplicity yet brings out the sensuality of a glamorous woman. That is Kahlo’s style and it definitely is an attractive one for the feminine community out there. Adding boldness of the right amount to the chic styles, that is how one can define real handbags.


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