Lavender and Lace Tea Room

As a sales rep for a home decor showroom (many, many years ago) I stumbled upon this quaint, cute little purple house in Lake Alfred, Florida.

Over the years, 10 or 12, I couldn’t remember the name of the little town or the tea room.  As fate would have it, Lavender n Lace appeared  on my iPad.

Well….here’s the thing.  In order to get a man to go to a fru fru tearoom, you MUST be creative! Like, hey pumpkin, how would you like to take a road trip in your Jaguar ( his baby is sitting in the garage) on Saturday?  We can put the top down. His eyes glisten. It’s going to be a beautiful day and I’ve made lunch reservations at this cute little purple house in Lake Alfred. Can I say that….I am not a fan of having wind in my face, getting sunburned, or the possibility of developing a Basal cell on my face, just because my boyfriend likes a sport car convertible.

After all these years Lavender n Lace is under the same ownership, as lovely and quaint as ever, the food is delicious, and the desert tray is to die for!

The grounds, gift shop, huge trees, just the ambiance in general, is well worth the trip to Lake Alfred.

For the record, there was another man having lunch with his wife. Denis thought that it was a great little trip an hour and half from Clearwater. We put the top down!




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